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Pricing and Value Management Excellence in Luxury Brands – PowerPricer

Managing Value to Customer (and user) and pricing are critical business processes for Luxury Brands. However, they come with many operational & strategic challenges: complex & variable value perception (for distributors as well as customers); Value measurement in an industry where much of the value comes from the brand and with relatively few sales per product is particularly complex.. Defending Brand values and image whilst dealing with vast differences in markets potential and priorities as well as channels require subtle adaptation of Value propositions and Pricing whilst maintaining a coherent Brand strategy. As a result, Luxury Groups must enforce strict corporate guidelines, as well as control, auditability and traceability to ensure compliance. A lack of unified processes and systems can lead to uncontrolled and ineffective Pricing Strategy, pricing that is out of line with value perception or gradual loss of value in the eyes of customers. All of which can lead to revenue leakage, ineffective value capture or loss of competitiveness… not to mention potential compliance issues or disruptions in channel strategies.

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Pricing Case Study – Telecom Operator – Price & Value Disruption

How a new entrant effectively successfully challenged the Incumbents with a distuptive & effective Price & Value Positioning
Restructuring sales processes to relieve revenue and margin pressure
A European incumbent telco with a sizable B2B customer base was facing difficulties on revenues and margins as customers trimmed telecoms spending during the recent downturn. The company needed to improve selling performance while controlling discounts & rebates .

Pricing Case Study : Medical Products Distributor – Targeting & Segmentation

How Improved targeting & segmentation of Client condition Helped a leading Medical Products Distributor increase sales 12% whilst preserving margins.

Case study : XYZ Chemicals
a leading Medical Devices company
•Top 3 in most segments covered
•70% of revenues from specialties
•Had grown through acquisition
Very successful development
•Double digit sales growth for past 5 years
•(very) High margins
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Pricing Case Study – Auto Parts Retailer – Competitive Pricing Strategy

How a major Autoparts Manufacturer boosted its competitiveness & bottom line results with more effective & targeted Competitive Pricing

 Auto Parts Retailer

•A leading auto parts retailer in Europe, selling auto and light truck parts, chemicals and accessoriesover 1,000 stores in Western Europe

 •Heavily committed to customer service and giving back to the community.
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Pricing Case Study – FMCG – Price Structure Realignment

How the battery division of a leading FMCG repositioned its offer & Pricing to optimize Value Capture

 Project summary: FMCG Battery Brand


Leading Brand of retail & professional batteries

Increasing pressure from buying groups and sophisticated buying agents to increase discounts and incentives

Several retailers threatened removing product from shelves without an increase in discounts an incentives

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B2B2C Pricing Case Study – Pricing Audit & Roadmap

How a leading international Group used the 'Pricing Audit & Roadmap' approach to gradually cliemb the 'Pyramid od Pricing & Value Excellence'

B2B2C –Roadmap to Pricing Performance Improvement

 • One of North America’s leading suppliers of Coating & Additives, committed to offering innovative, high quality products and services to businesses.

 • Seasonally and geographically adjusted formulations to meet the demands of North American climates

 • Development of a Pricing Management Strategy for each of the business segments through a reengineering of the Business Process towards Value Market Based Pricing

 • Specifically, our consultants assisted The company in assessing the pricing strategy and structure, price level setting, identifying opportunities for future success, and providing the support that they needed to implement changes
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Pricing case study – Retail Division of Petrochemicals Group – Price Optimization

 How PriValEdge Price Optimization tools & methodology help a retail petroleum doubles its profits

Petrol Retailer Revaluates Pricing Strategy, Identifies Millions in Margin Opportunities

Background and Problem

A national Brand Petrol retailer was facing Intense competition from Competition & Supermarkets’ petrol courts that were largely using Petrol as a loss leader to their more profitable other activities. PriValEdge was engaged to assist in developing a pricing strategy to maximize sales and margins (on the combination of Petrol & Convenience store sales).

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Pricing Case study : B2C Healthcare – Value Based Pricing

How an Value Based Design approach led to the creation of a hit product.

Retail (OTC & Prescription) Skin Care Products

Problems :
• Very position in the skincare products industry. Products are sold to more than 120 Mio Customers in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim
• Margins had been gradually eroding – Management believed that bottom-line performance could be improved by improving the management discipline around pricing strategy
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