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How to Create a Pricing Strategy for a New Product

Pricing can be a thorny and tricky issue when it comes to business. The prices that you charge for your services or products can have a direct impact on the profits and sales. The pricing strategy can determine how clients respond and view your product or services. Here are some ways on how to create a pricing strategy for a new product.

Pricing Research to Understand the Value of the Product

Conduct some pricing research on the market reaction of your products and services. Pricing & Value Research can help you understand the value of the product and how performance on key product attributes can change perceived value, hereby providing valuable guidance not just on price but also on product design (that will maximize perceived value) or segmentation (to adapt the offer to priorities of different customer segments). Your research can include areas like which products are likely to be successful, what the customers is willing to pay for your products, and which products customers see as offering the best value. Doing some background research can provides a strong foundation for your company's pricing strategy.
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