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Tired of watching half of your potential profits end up as ‘money left on the table’ because of uncontrolled Pricing Leakages?

Discover PowerPricer : new ‘State of the Art’ pricing software from PriValEdge

  • Visibility & easy access to all you Pricing + Discounts & Rebates data
  • Powerful & flexible Pricing management, budgeting, monitoring & controlling
  • Optimization of Prices, Discounts, rebates & promotions based on Science & facts
  • Effective Quoting & Value Based Selling support to sales force
  • Ability to simulate & support decision making with interactive models
  • … and much more (see by yourself)

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Pricing and Value Management Excellence in Luxury Brands – PowerPricer

Managing Value to Customer (and user) and pricing are critical business processes for Luxury Brands. However, they come with many operational & strategic challenges: complex & variable value perception (for distributors as well as customers); Value measurement in an industry where much of the value comes from the brand and with relatively few sales per product is particularly complex.. Defending Brand values and image whilst dealing with vast differences in markets potential and priorities as well as channels require subtle adaptation of Value propositions and Pricing whilst maintaining a coherent Brand strategy. As a result, Luxury Groups must enforce strict corporate guidelines, as well as control, auditability and traceability to ensure compliance. A lack of unified processes and systems can lead to uncontrolled and ineffective Pricing Strategy, pricing that is out of line with value perception or gradual loss of value in the eyes of customers. All of which can lead to revenue leakage, ineffective value capture or loss of competitiveness… not to mention potential compliance issues or disruptions in channel strategies.

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Best Features of the PrivalEdge PowerPricer Pricing Software

Performance in Pricing & Value Management has a huge impact on bottom line results and competitiveness in any business… but Pricing & Value Excellence is hard to reach for a number of reasons:

-      Data access and visibility required just to be able to see / monitor & control pricing data… often lacking or inconsistent in companies

-      Complex analytics required to derive Price response / elasticity functions

-      As a fairly new ‘subject’ for many companies, Pricing and Value culture & expertise is often still in development

Because of the analytical & data intensive nature of the subject, software is an essential component to the creation of maximally effective pricing strategies and allowing businesses to make well-informed decisions that improve bottom line & competitiveness.

There are varying packages of pricing software available in the market these days. Most established suppliers require important investments & long set ups, but, increasingly, a new generation of network-based Pricing & Value Management software is emerging with superior features, yet lower costs and easier / faster deployment.

When it comes to choosing pricing software, companies focus on cost, functionality, features and reputation. Most of the time, they underestimate the change management required within the organization to make effective use of the capabilities of the new software and the effort that will be required to ensure that features are actually used and potential capabilities realized….

What Sets PowerPricer Apart?

Leading the new Generation of Pricing & Value Management Software is ‘PowerPricer’ the Pricing & Value Management software developed by PriValEdge (a Leading Pricing & Value Strategy consultancy). For Years, PriValEdge has helped their clients identify and execute innovative pricing strategies … and in the process has developed a number of flexible yet highly powerful tools to support Data all key aspects of Pricing & Value Management (Big Data Management, Superior analytics & statistics, powerful reporting, great graphics, easy to use interactive interface,).

Over the last 2 years PriValEdge has invested considerable resources to integrate the State of the Art tools into a very powerful integrated Pricing & Value Management solutions that sets new standards for the Industry.

PrivalEdge's pricing software is committed to engage clients in the methodologies and tools for market support, benchmarking and research planning in order to weigh in the risks and trends of particular project for investment.

When it comes to functionality, this type of software provides easy data management for transactional data and market research. It also has sophisticated analytics and modelling features. The software also permits flexible and intuitive reporting which makes data transparent and readily available.

PrivalEdge pricing software is based on Microsoft Power BI platform combining the power of SQL Server, Office and Proprietary developments for Flexibility, scalability & Features.

Pricing Control

For customer value reporting, PowerPricer offers sophisticated statistics made simple for use in Segmentation analysis, price response modelling, regression analyses, detailed variance analyses, it also presents time series data, as well as pricing dynamic reports. All of these reporting tools let one manage and monitor pricing and implementation, with a solid predictable foundation essential for decision-making.

Simulation Component

Another key feature is the simulation and optimization dashboard. The simulation lets you test run different marketing and pricing to know which would be the safest direction for your business.

It includes network simulation and optimization of impact of various pricing decisions, packed with regression, segmentation and clustering tools. It also displays economic value modelling tools, maps and curves, as well as win-loss and elasticity analyses which can help measure perception of the value and base pricing for your products.

Data Capability

PowerPricer offers maximum security data and privacy, where only project-related personnel can have access to the data. Projects are secluded in its servers and database via internal network resources.

For its data storage, the database can hold large volume of data with secured daily backups for data protection and the ability to quickly restore previous versions if necessary. The software uses adaptable core processing power with high internal memory efficiency.

How does PowerPricer fit in PrivalEdge’s service offering?

PriValEdge’s mission is to help its client Improve their Pricing & Value Management performance through the definition and implementation of innovative Customer Value & Pricing strategies which secure improved competitiveness and significant bottom line impact..

PowerPriver leverages our existing capabilities. It helps us Provide more value faster and enables our clients to implement more effective Pricing & Value Management approaches more systematically, on a wider scale and faster. PowerPricer has become a key feature & differentiator for PriValEdge and reinforced its position as a leading Pricing& Value Management Consultancy

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The 5 pricing optimization tips that’ll turn your organization into a Pricing & Value powerhouse

While most of us tend to think of prices as a sheer number, pricing and valuation is actually embedded deeply into the human perception.

As a result, when you want to fight the otherwise natural commoditization of your prices you have to produce much more than a new price list. Why? Simply because prices are subject to negotiation and if you don’t train your sales force to defend it, your new price list is worthless… or because value is a matter of perception, and as it always goes with perception, it varies widely with people and market segments…

If there was but one lesson to be learned, it is that pricing optimization is a lot more than just reviewing your prices. As a matter of fact, it is worthless to work on your pricing if you fail to deliver the message about your value proposition to your customers. And this will undoubtedly happen if you fail to convey your new pricing strategy within your own organization. In this article we’re going to detail a bit further a few of the best practices that could help you do just that.

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