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Getting Ahead of Your Competition Through Pricing Analytics

Plenty of revenue is lost through inefficiencies in business. Close to the top amongst the profits that could have been … but did not, inadequate pricing strategies is a major cause for many companies to miss out on the 'low-hanging fruit' / “leave too much money on the table” from direct sales to their established customer base.

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Pricing Analytics – objectives & case studies

Pricing Analytics Objectives

Objective: Developing better prices & value propositions…

The perfect Price

•Is coherent & below ‘perceived value’
•Leaves no money on the table
•Anticipates competitive reaction
•Is fair
•Exceeds costs (and the cost of capital)
•Supports our strategic objectives (Growth/Margin/Profit trade off)

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Profit Improvements opportunities with a Pricing Consultant

When a customer looks at a product on the shelves or consider hiring a service, several concurrent thoughts immediately run through his or her head. Is it high-quality? Is it fast? Is it affordable? Will buying it impact my lifestyle?

In the end, what every customer wants is maximum value for his money. Thus, to attract greater sales, many believe that lowering prices is the way to go. A Pricing & Value Consultant however, can show you that this simplistic attempt at pricing often fails to maximize profit. Pricing increases that do not address the customer's assessment of value will often backfire.

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