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Pricing Tool 2: Dynamic Price Waterfall

What is Dynamic Price Waterfall

This  pricing tool allows to:

  • Detailed analyses of leakages (by type) that take place between List price & Pocket Margin.
  • May be used at Product, Client, Segment or Market level

What it does:

  • provide visibility and control of ‘hidden’ discounts and costs to clarify the contribution margin on a given deal.

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Pricing Tool 1: Price Evolutions

What is Price Evoutions ?

This  pricing tool allows to:

  • Analyses Prices (or D&R) evolutions over time
  • May be used for a single product or a group of products, globally or by client segments / channel, or by account manager.

What it does:

  • provide visibility and insights on evolutions to identify trends / changes in dynamics or correlations & opportunities & threats that they represent

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