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The 5 pricing optimization tips that’ll turn your organization into a Pricing & Value powerhouse

While most of us tend to think of prices as a sheer number, pricing and valuation is actually embedded deeply into the human perception.

As a result, when you want to fight the otherwise natural commoditization of your prices you have to produce much more than a new price list. Why? Simply because prices are subject to negotiation and if you don’t train your sales force to defend it, your new price list is worthless… or because value is a matter of perception, and as it always goes with perception, it varies widely with people and market segments…

If there was but one lesson to be learned, it is that pricing optimization is a lot more than just reviewing your prices. As a matter of fact, it is worthless to work on your pricing if you fail to deliver the message about your value proposition to your customers. And this will undoubtedly happen if you fail to convey your new pricing strategy within your own organization. In this article we’re going to detail a bit further a few of the best practices that could help you do just that.

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