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The core concepts of value management, particularly “value to the customer”, have their origins in value-based Pricing Strategy.

At PRIVALEDGE, we work with clients to use these concepts and analytical approaches to a solve a wide range of cross-functional business problems.

We have a depth of experience dealing with questions in Pricing Strategy, product development, marketing, sales & distribution, and operations.

Pricing / Value Capture

PRIVALEDGE has deep roots in strategic, value-based pricing. We work with clients on issues of competitive Pricing Strategy, new product pricing, price and license structure, price management and execution, discounting and bundling, pricing process diagnostics and improvement, major account negotiations, price leakage, and development of organizational pricing capabilities.

Value Creation

Customer Value is an essential metric in product development and product lifecycle management.We use the principles of value management to help clients bring higher-value products to market, better manage product portfolios, get paid for the real value of new products, increase the effectiveness of product investments, and improve processes for developing and managing products. We train product managers, and work with clients to embed our toolkit and processes in the development process.

P&V Capabilities Building

Pricing & Customer Value Excellence is focused on helping companies achieve competitive advantage and bottom line impact through effective management of pricing & Value Management activities. Using our unique Pricing & Value Excellence® Framework, we help clients:

  • P&V Audit: uncover the root causes that limit the current performance of pricing & Value management.
  • P&V Roadmap: define with management the roadmap to P&V Performance improvement, with concrete actions, responsibilities, deliverables and ime table
  • P&V Training & Implementation Support: to facilitate and accelerate implementation of the ‘P&V Excellence Roadmap’

We don’t treat symptoms: instead, we focus on the underlying business functions and practices that destroy excellent P&V management and undermine business performance. We help our clients see the connection between their business practices and clear paths to achieving world class excellence in the P&V functions.

While the scope of P&V Excellence’s offering includes value based design and Pricing Strategy development, we recognize that strategy alone is a wasted effort. To be successful, managers must develop thoughtful strategy as well as powerful implementation routes. Thanks to P&V Excellence Framework, the perspective is on “making the strategy stick", not just building slick strategy statements. So, from the start of an engagement, you’ll find PriValEdge asking or analyzing:

  • How do we make a P&V strategy work in this business?
  • What will get in the way of making the strategy work, and how do we overcome those obstacles?
  • Who needs to buy in to this P&V strategy to make it work, and how do we get their commitment?
  • What organizational processes will support/hinder successful implementation of this strategy?

We focus 100% on pricing and Customer Value optimization.

Creating and implementing the right pricing strategy is the most effective thing your managers can do to improve profits. The return is immediate. The results can change dramatically affect the competitiveness & performance of your company.

Transform your bottom line through effective P&V strategies with PriValEdge.

A tiny Pricing or Customer Value adjustment can make an enormous impact on your profitability. In fact, strategic P&V is a much more powerful tool than either increasing sales volume or cutting costs. It boost the Value of your offer to your customers, ensures you’re not leaving money on the table. It shores up leaks in your profitability. It helps you sell more product, achieve higher margins and increase the value of your business.

Start here – begin the journey to Pricing & Value excellence with PriValEdge consultants.

PriValEdge pricing consultants helps manufacturers, distributors and service companies improve profitability and company value through data-driven Pricing or Customer Value strategies. Our Value & Pricing analytics uncover opportunities for you to optimize your Pricing/Value structure, effectively lifting your profit margin to help you reach and exceed your financial objectives. Our strategic P&V consultants work with your team to fully implement each pricing strategy to measured results.

P&V strategy training sets a complete cultural change into motion. Strategic P&V isn’t just about making adjustments. It’s about changing the way your organization thinks about and manages Pricing and Customer Value. PriValEdge consultants provide a variety of training programs to launch that cultural change and drive your team forward.

Whether your organization would benefit from a one day Value & Pricing strategy workshop with a customized pricing analysis, our Selling for Profit™ value-based sales training to align your sales team with your optimized Pricing Strategy, or a pricing strategy training program with our pricing experts, PriValEdge can help.

Value-based pricing strategies maximize your margins and revenue.

PriValEdge’s data-driven approach to creating Value & Pricing strategies helps you establish optimal price targets for every transaction. Beginning with an analysis of your historical pricing data, our consultants show you how to leverage areas of opportunity by applying a pricing framework designed to maximize your profit margins, revenue and company value.