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Value Based Design

Continuous Innovation is increasingly central to companies’ success 

  • 70% of profits of the fortune 500 companies come from Products / companies that did not exist 10 years ago 
  • 76% Of new product introductions have failed after 2 years 

And, whilst technology will continue to be a key enabler, Value based Design increasingly emerges as the most effective source of successful new products & services 

Value Based Design represents an important paradigm change for most companies, more accustomed to technology or product based innovation, because it puts the cus-tomer (as opposed to the technolo-gy or product) as the driving force for product/ service design. 

The approach stems out of pro-gress made in the analysis & measurement of Value Drivers for customers. Companies reaching level 4 in the Pyramid of Pricing Excellence, were in a position to identify which product or service features created most value for customers and to gradually integrate that knowledge into Product & Service Design. Based on projects conducted with these pioneers, PriValEdge develop The ‘Value Manager’ Framework to effectively manage the Value Based Design as a key source of innovation for its clients 

The Value Manager Framework comprises 3 complementary modules 

  1. Value Seeker systematizes the analysis & measure of Value Drivers for key Products & services 
    • Client Intelligence & intimacy 
    • Solutions & Bundles 
    • Market Research & EVC modeling 
    • ... 
  2. Value Developer the valorizes the ability to measure Customers’ value drivers & use it as the source for development of new products & services 
    • Development focused on attributes that create value 
    • "Test beds" to check value perception + refine & target offer 
    • Taylor made samples for direct feedback & potential evaluation 
    • ... 
  3. Value Capture then ensures that the company captures a fair but justified part of the value created through 
    • Value Based Pricing 
    • Elasticity / Optimization measurement & modeling 
    • Selling Value 
    • ... 

Companies that have adopted the Value Manager Framework can then Manage Value Based Design as a key & systematic process 

Buildup of client Value intelligence 

  • Research, analyses, samples, ... 
  • Valorize internal expertise,… 

Ideas generation & evaluation processes 

  • Think-tanks / "suggestions" / "Competitive Radar", … 
  • Screening & priorities thru client intel. + expertise,… 

Define & implement (quickly) appropriate tests 

  • Qualitative, quantitative & "real life" testing,... 

Evaluate financial, organizational & strategic impacts 

  • Costs & profitability + feasibility & or-ganizational Impacts 
  • Competitive advantage? - defendable? - "Control Points?" 

Develop consensus & prepare implementa-tion 

  • Fine tune programs, targeting, commu-nication,... 
  • Business Design" : process clients, part-nerships, … 

Roll out only the "best programs" & capture "Control Points" 

  • Rapid & controlled deployment, "best practices" generalization 
  • Capture of "Control Points" : Making advantage "defendable" 

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