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Pricing Execution

We recently surveyed large companies around the world on their level of Pricing excellence and the effectiveness of their Pricing strategies.

Some of the results related to Price Execution were quite surprising

    -55% of companies emphasized Internal price communication as a key challenge: Sales force that do not understand, or are not convinced by the pricing strategies… less convincing when they had to explain it to their clients

- on average companies reported a 55% gap between Price increases decided and what was actually implemented after 12 months: as exception / delays and  discounts eat into the actual prices paid by clients after the ‘increases’

A key feature of PriValEdge’s Pricing Excellence Framework and of the Power Pricer is their focus on results and the effective support they provide for implementation and Price execution. some of the key functionalities in that respect include

- Price Simulation & budgeting enabling not just marketing & pricing managers to simulate next year’s plan, but also  each sales rep to evaluate the impact of cha nges in prices & client conditions. On each client in their portfolio

- Value Based Selling with value measurement tools that can be used to define segmented offers but also to quantify value on a client by client basis to support true value based selling..

- Discount & Rebates Management: providing effective monitoring / control of discounts & rebates policies (and exception management where required) but also helping sales rep define realistic yet ambitious ‘& coherent with the strategy) objectives for their clients ‘Peer Pricing tool’)

- Price Increase roll out: Implementing price increase  is often stressful & frustrating for the sales force. All the more if  the reason & logic of the increase are not clear and little support is available to the sales force. PriValEdge’s approach provide a structured and comprehensive methodology to Prepare / deploy and support price increases to improve effectiveness and results